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Stone Medicine: Blue Lace Agate - Issue #22

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Stone Medicine: Blue Lace Agate - Issue #22
By Ifayomi Fasola • Issue #22 • View online
This week, for stones, we’re discussing Blue Lace Agate. 
As you can tell, when looking at this stone, it resembles coolness, water, and ocean waves. It should immediately make you calmer as well! 

Variance of Blue Lace Agate
Variance of Blue Lace Agate
Taste: Sweet
Nature: Cooling
Affinities: LU/LR/SP/KI
This stone has a pale blue color due to a phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering, the same dynamic of light that causes the sky to appear blue. This color represents new beginnings, and resonates with the process of going through difficulties in life to emerge with a fresh outlook. 
The chemical structure is Silicon dioxide (looking at the image below, it sort of resembles a blanket/comfort)
Functions and uses:
  • It regulates the liver overacting on the spleen and stomach.
Bloating, abdominal distension
  • Directs energy down towards the kidneys 
Weak constitution with poor bone healthHigh blood pressure, insomnia Dizziness, seizuresInfantile seizures 
  • Lowers liver heat rising toward the upper region or manifesting on the skin. 
Headaches described as splitting, or the head feeling as though it will explode; pressure around the eyestrain, irritated eyesAcne, liver spots, blemished skin DizzinessFeversJet lag
  • Tonifies energy; secures the exterior
Lethargy; adrenal deficiency Weakened immunity, vulnerability to external pathogenic factors electromagnetic radiation emotional vulnerability, aversion to change sexual impotence, autism
  • Stimulates bodily defenses to break up and expel phlegm stasis and lymphatic swellings 
Lymphatic & mucous congestion, swollen lymph nodes, swelling near glandsPlum pit throat, phlegm rattling in the throat, goiter, thyroid conditions tension in the shoulder area glaucoma; cataracts; pressure in the ears, head, and sinuses, cerebral swellingsPhlegm misting the mind: obsessions and/or pensiveness associated with the spleen’s inability to transport and transform, poor memory, confusion, early signs of dementia
  • Harmonizes above and below, left and right imbalances. 
vomiting and diarrhea, spasms on one side, paralysis on the other 
  • Nourishes the liver and kidneys to benefit the eyes and bones
irritated eyes, broken bones, brittle nails, herniated disks 
  • Releases latency from the source for conditions related to thick fluids and affecting the marrow. 
Steaming bone syndrome, deficient bone marrow, bone deformities
  • Emotional use
Bringing a sense of renewal, especially if going through a difficult time in life
  • Intentional Use
Relationship palace - helps us accept our family and overcome family issues. Benefits relationships between equals, such as with spouses. Creativity Palace - helps cultivate a career as an artist or painter. Delving deep into the subconscious Strengthens the will of the soul, Protection through travel and sleep promoting clarity for astral projection stabilizing and purifying the intermediary aura (associated with the emotions)
Blue lace agate is the most translucent of the agates and it’s best for deficiencies
We can cleanse this stone in water or sun once a week, as it loves to be in nature
Are there any stones you’re interested in learning about? 
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