Planetary Influences & Signatures


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Planetary Influences & Signatures
By Ifayomi Fasola • Issue #8 • View online
Here’s some signature based info on the influences planets have on plants/nature:
The elements are said to be ruled by the following planets: 
  1. Earth: Mercury and Saturn
  2. Water: Moon and Venus
  3. Fire: Sun and Mars
  4. Air: Jupiter,
  5. Ether: Pluto, Neptune, Uranus 
  1. ‚ÄstBright yellow, golden radiant colors and shapes, affinity to sunlight and sunrise/sunset.¬†
  2. ‚ÄstPersonal success, health, prosperity, fame, confidence, authority, vitality¬†
  3. ‚ÄstCalendula, Sunflower, Safflower
  1. ‚Ästrules all the water on Earth; thus it is related to watery and cooling plants and places, night blooming flowers (Evening Primrose)¬†
  2. ‚ÄstFlowers that open only with the full moon at night (Night-Blooming Cereus)¬†
  3. ‚ÄstSilvery whitish colors and moon-sickle shapes (Mugwort Foliage
  4. ¬†‚Äď Healing affinity to the internal fluids, brain and reproductive organs, governing conception, pregnancy, and growth.¬†
  5. ‚Äď Psychic awareness, emotions, childbirth, and fertility, subconscious mind, dream work,
  6.  reflection 
  1. ‚ÄstAsymmetric shapes (Elm)¬†
  2. ‚ÄstSwiftness in going to seed (Elm)¬†
  3. ‚ÄstRelationship to the air element and so on (flying Elm seeds)¬†
  4. ‚ÄstFinely divided or feathered leaves, winding plants, healing affinity to the lungs and respiration, swiftness of thought, mobility, digestion.¬†
  5. ‚ÄstCommunication, eloquence, intellect persuasion, job opportunities, luck, divination,
  6.   quickness, focus, humor, humor, health 
  7. ‚Äď Communication, eloquence, intellect persuasion, job opportunities, luck, divination,
  8.   quickness, focus, humor, humor, health 
  1. ‚Äď Pink and pastel colors, lovely scents, beautiful showy flowers, harmony, softness, loveliness, copper color or content of the metal copper (European Birch)¬†
  2. ‚Äď Healing affinity to areas of the body that are typically found attractive:
  3. ‚Äď Eyes
  4. ‚Äď Skin
  5. ‚Äď Kidneys
  6. ‚Äď Sexual Organs
  7. ‚Äď Romance, friendship, beauty, the arts, artistic expression, pleasure, attractiveness, sensuality¬†
  1. ‚ÄstBright red, spines, thorns, plants with a relationship to fire or iron, possibly burning (Stinging Nettles)¬†
  2. ‚ÄstRich in iron, upright in growth and very well defended by glassy hairs that burn upon touch‚ÄĒand which loves iron-rich soils.¬†
  3. ‚ÄstHealing affinity to blood and body heat, muscle and will power, and gallbladder.
  4. ‚ÄďNasty, sick-making effects of herbs and violent poisoning to Mars.
  5. ‚Äď Berberis, Hawthorn, as well as pungent Garlic, Horseradish, and Basil.¬†
  6. ‚Äď Courage, strength, protection, victory, overcoming obstacles through determination, motivation, and sexual force¬†
  1. ‚ÄstGolden colors and crown-like shapes such as of Maple leaves, edible plants, fruits and nuts¬†
  2. ‚ÄstHealing affinity to the liver¬†
  3. ‚ÄstApple, Paracelsus Sweet Chestnut, Agrimony (liver healing and yellow), Burdock, and Fig.¬†
  4. ‚ÄstAmbition, fame, honor, law, expansion, recognition, leadership, spiritual awareness
  1. ‚ÄstStiff and rigid structures as of old age or the skeleton, ‚Äúsclerotic‚ÄĚ or hard structures
  2. ‚Äď bones
  3. ‚Äď Teeth
  4. ‚ÄstKilling off other plants around oneself (Pine)¬†
  5. ‚ÄstHealing affinity for hardening such as Prunes which soften hard stool, and the spleen.¬†
  6. ‚ÄstEndurance, shielding, grounding, past lives, slowing, patience, practicality, structure¬†
**The next three planets are considered the ‚ÄúOuter Planets‚ÄĚ These planets typically deal in with the ‚Äėether‚Äô element¬†
  1. Useful in dream-working, trance, and hypnosis
  2. Intensify the imagination and lead to concepts, visions, and ideas far beyond the physical plane
  3. Herbs can be used by those developing telepathy and astral projection
  4. Many of the Neptunian herbs are mind-altering, and intoxicating
  5. Creativity, artistic inspiration, imagination, fantasy, mystery
  6. Poppies, Lobelia, Lotus
  1. Excite, energize, and stimulate the human energy system and thought process. 
  2. Assist with inspiration, practical idealism, genius, and the development of telekinesis. 
  3. Plants influenced by Uranus stimulate the nervous system, in particular the brain wave patterns
  4. Stimulate change on all levels and sometimes lead to unforeseen results 
  5. Allspice, Calamus, Guarana
  1. ‚ÄstTransform and illuminate the shadow side of ourselves¬†
  2. ‚ÄstBrings about dramatic, sometimes traumatic, growth and promote
  3.   into cataclysmic circumstances. 
  4. ‚ÄstAct on the unconscious levels of the brain and upon the thalamus portions of the
  5.   brain, which dictates instinctual response 
  6. ‚ÄstAid the sexually impotent and help to balance the physical self with the spiritual self.¬†
  7. ‚ÄstSaw Palmetto, Damiana, Rye
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