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Let's Talk about Amethyst!

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Let's Talk about Amethyst!
By Ifayomi Fasola • Issue #13 • View online
Today, we’re going to go over Amethyst!
This stone is typically used for it’s spiritual properties, but today, we’re going to discuss how it actually benefits your health!

·     This stone will help with the following organs/systems:
  • Liver
  • Lung
  • Heart
  • Spleen
  • Stomach
·     Regulates Liver. Indicated for:
  • Liver invading Spleen signs and symptoms: bloating, flatulence, constipation, nausea, vomiting
  • diaphragmatic constriction
  • fibrocystic breasts
  • migraines, pressure around the eyes
  • angry outbursts
  • skin conditions due to stress, neurodermatitis Tonifies Lungs; secures the exterior.
·     Indicated for:
  • weakened immunity
  • asthma due to stress
  • exposure to electromagnetic radiation
  • Phlegm misting the mind: obsessions and/or pensiveness associated with the Spleen’s inability to transport and transform, poor memory, confusion
  • hormonal conditions; menstrual disorders, including headaches; insomnia
  • inflamed skin irritations, especially if stress related
  • dryness in the sense organs: eyes, mouth, lips, nasal passages
·     Mends non-healing wounds, both physical and emotional. Indicated for:
  • going through the major transitions of life and the changing seasons
  • opening the throat to express feelings or one’s own truth
  • opening the chest to support the Lungs in releasing the difficulties caused by the sadness of life
  • those who use substances to numb themselves to escape from reality, as compared to those who can’t get enough of a substance

How to use:
-Hold amethyst in the center of the palm/ to help open the chest and the heart center. Best used as a sphere.
-Lay on back and place stone flat in the middle of your clavicle to relax the neck/throat region for the release of environmental pathogenic factors.
-Massage downward on the middle of your abdomen when feeling overwhelmed, or up and down to balance digestive and emotional issues.
What this stone means for you emotionally:
This stone will help clear negative or addictive emotional patterns. It can be an aid to curbing overindulgence and giving up bad habits. It can be used to assist one in quitting smoking, drinking or drug use. It stimulates the crown chakra and is an aid to meditation, helping one to still one’s thoughts and move into higher states of consciousness. It can clear one’s energy field of negative influences and attachments.
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