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Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth/thickness for Children- Issue #33

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Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth/thickness for Children- Issue #33
By Ifayomi Fasola • Issue #33 • View online
I helped someone earlier with this remedy, and thought it would be good to put here as well!

So, when the client is a child, it limits the range of herbs we can use because:
-The child’s age, they’re body is still developing, so certain herbs can impact this
-There are always genetic/hereditary culprits
-When it comes to children, we don’t know what allergies they may have until exposed to said allergen. 
In regards to medicine and stimulating hair growth, usually corticosteroids are given, though this can also have adverse side effects to their body.
Herb wise, Rosemary Oil and Pumpkin Seed Oil are the mildest alternatives, though I’d recommend the Rosemary Oil. You can make this yourself following the instructions here
There are remedies that say you can mix 5 drops fo the essential oil with jojoba and rub in the scalp after washing hair/getting out of the shower. You can also add 5 drops to the shampoo. You’d want to wash the hair at the normal frequency - usually once a week for most African Americans. 
Before using this though, I would highly suggest making the oil, and then rubbing a small amount on their forearm and watch for 24-48 hours. This way we can be sure if they do or dont have an allergy to Rosemary or any of it’s chemical properties. If no, then you can use it, however if they do develop a rash, then we try the Pumpkin Seed oil or different alternative.
I hope that helps!
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