Honey Fruit-Flavored Lip Balm - Issue #47


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Honey Fruit-Flavored Lip Balm - Issue #47
By Ifayomi Fasola • Issue #47 • View online
Unlike the rest of your skin, your lips do not contain any sebaceous glands (oil glands) or sweat glands to keep them moisturized and lubricated. Thus many of us constantly slather them with lipsticks, glosses, balms, and ointments of various kinds in an attempt to prevent drying and cracking and simultaneously keep them kissably soft and supple. Using this remedy, you can create a basic, nourishing lip balm or gloss that smells and tastes good, not synthetic or manufactured.

Chapped lips are caused by environmental exposures that lead to irritation.
Chapped lips are caused by environmental exposures that lead to irritation.
This balm is rich and soothing for year-round use. For great taste that appeals to children, you can flavor this balm with synthetic oils such as apple, apricot, peach, or cherry. Essential oils such as anise, fennel, or vanilla also add flavor.
  • *For the shiniest gloss, use castor oil as the base oil.*
  • 7–8 teaspoons almond, jojoba, soybean, or castor base oil
  • 2 teaspoons beeswax
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 10 drops lemon, orange, lime, or tangerine essential oil (or oil or flavoring of choice)
  • ¼ tube or less of your favorite natural, synthetic-free, colored lipstick (optional)
Recommended for: everyone, especially children
Use: as desired
Prep time: approximately 30 minutes plus 2 hours for flavor and consistency to set
Blending tools: small whisk or spoon
Store in: small plastic or glass jars or tins
Yield: approximately 6–7 ¼-ounce containers or 3 heaping tablespoons
  1. In a small saucepan over low heat or double boiler, warm oil, bees-wax, and honey until the wax is just melted.
  2. Use 8 teaspoons of oil for a softer consistency; use 7 teaspoons for a firmer balm.
  3. Remove from heat.
  4. Add the essential oil or flavoring and the colored lipstick (if desired), and stir until the lipstick is melted. Set the pan in a shallow ice water bath.
  5. Using a whisk or spoon, stir rapidly for 30 to 60 seconds until the honey is completely incorporated and the formula is like thick frosting.
  6. It will be a pale yellow color unless you’ve added colored lipstick. Spoon the mixture into storage containers, and cap.
  7. Let the mixture set for 2 hours before use.
  8. No refrigeration is required, but for maximum freshness and taste, please use within 1 year.
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Ifayomi Fasola

I’m Iya Ifayomi! She/Her. Onisegun. Herbalist. Isese. Ifa, Egbe, & Olokun priestess. Rootworker. Mvskokxe. 2 headed. Bone Reader 🦴 Venmo:@ifayomifasola

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